Kressly Pediatrics is happy to announce that we are accepting new patients! Click here for instructions on how to create an account which will allow you to register and our staff will contact you to activate your account.Please see our insurance information page to make sure we participate in your plan. We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to Kressly Pediatrics Welcome to Kressly Pediatrics
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Thank you for your interest in our practice. Kressly Pediatrics offers a unique blend of high-quality medical care, personalized interactions and leading edge electronic technology. Our overwhelming success confirms that families share our values. We are committed to providing a pleasant medical setting where children can feel comfortable and parents can feel confident that their children’s medical issues are handled thoroughly and professionally.

Our physicians are committed to maintaining a small, personalized practice where we can develop an ongoing relationship with our patient families. We intentionally limit practice growth so that we are able to accomplish our practice goals.

If you are new to our practice, please note that personalized care is the focus of every patient encounter. Our staff answers the phone directly; there is no automated attendant. We believe that our focus should be on our patients. At the same time, we use cutting edge technology (web site, email access, electronic medical records) to improve office efficiency and give parents convenient access to commonly requested information such as vaccination records, appointment and referral requests, prescription refills and school/camp forms.

Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Susan J. Kressly, MD, FAAP
Karen W. David, MD, FAAP
Sharon Sowinski-Mueller, DO, FAAP

Learn CPR Learn CPR

Kressly Pediatrics is proud to offer periodic CPR classes, taught by Jane and Colleen. If you would like to learn this valuable lifesaving skill, please call the office and sign up for a class.

Medical Home Recognition!! Medical Home Recognition!!

Kressly Pediatrics is pround to announce that we have been recognized again as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home by the NCQA! This is the highest achievement that is available to primary care practices. Thanks to all our patients for helping us achieve this recognition and believing in the value of a medical home. Please log on to your patinet portal account and visit the medical home tab for additional resources for you and your family. It is our pleasure to care for your children!

HPV Vaccine Update HPV Vaccine Update

There has been a lot of recent media attention surrounding HPV vaccine. For good information please view this video between Katie Couric and Dr. Anne Schuchat from the CDC. Kressly Pediatrics uses Gardasil in our office. Beginning at age 11-12 both boys and girls are eligible for this cancer-preventing vaccine. If you are interested in getting your child started on the 3 dose series, give the office a call and make an appointment with one of the nursing staff. We recommend that you schedule appointments for your 2nd and 3rd doses at the time you receive your first, so completion of the series doesn't get lost in your busy lives. If you can't make one of those appointments, we will be happy to reschedule but at least it will be on your calendar to remind you. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

The Affordable Care Act: What Does it Mean for Me? The Affordable Care Act: What Does it Mean for Me?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been in the news often in the last few weeks. Many stories are confusing. Please use the links to important information for yourself and your family. Find out what you need to know if you live in Pennsylvania. PA is not creating their own marketplace, but using the federal exchange for families looking to purchase coverage. If your family qualifies for CHIP, please know that Kressly Pediatrics does participate in the Keystone Health Plan East CHIP program. We do not currently participate in any of the PA Medicaid programs. Before you choose a plan, make sure our physicians are participating providers so that we can continue to be your medical home. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


If you have a child planning to play middle school or high school sports, you should be aware that some of the PIAA rules have changed. All forms for the 2013-2014 must be signed/dated after June 1st. The PIAA now allows physicians to either perform an exam on student athletes prior to form completion or sign the form based on a complete review of the medical record and an exam within acceptable guidelines. So what does this mean for you?

We will be happy to complete your PIAA forms (in accordance with our fee schedule), provided you 

  1. Bring us a COMPLETED PIAA form (we will NOT sign any forms that do not have sections 1-5 completed)
  2. Make sure your child is up to date with their well visit according to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines (one visit per calendar year for school-aged children)

If upon review of your child's chart and your completed form we have any questions about clearing your child for athletic participation, we are obligated to evalaute them in the office prior to signing the form. 

Online Patient Services Online Patient Services

Have you used your Patient Portal Account to view immunizations or send us a secure message? If you have not yet created or used your Online Patient Account, it is important that you do so. As we improve electronic access and integration with our Electronic Health Record, Kressly Pediatrics anticipates expanding online capabilities and it is critical that you have a functioning account and understand how to use it. Please update the account section and tell us how you would like to receive notifications from our office regarding appointment confirmations, etc. Choices now include text to cell for some categories. Contact the office if you are experiencing difficulties that are not answered on our help section.

Blogs Blogs
NO Link Between Vaccines and Autism

Yet another study confirms that children who get all of their shots on time are not at increased risk of autism. It's time to move this conversation toward early identification, effective treatment and support studies looking for real causes. Yes, I say causes plural, because there is likely not one cause of autism as we currently define it. Do multiple vaccines overwhelm a young child's immune system? Definetly not. Immune systems respond to antigens. Children are exposed to a myriad of antigens everyday in the form of viruses and bacteria. The small amount of antigens in vaccines is much smaller than daily exposure to the environment. And if you are thinking we have significantly more vaccines today than in the 1960s? Yes that's true, and how awesome for our young children that they are not dying of vaccine-preventable illnesses at the same rate! When you look at the number of immunogenic proteins or sugars in the vaccines (what the immune system must respond to), as recently as the 1980s the schedule contained 3,041. Compare that to 136 in the year 2000. The science of making vaccines has gotten better so we are reducing the number of antigens the immune system needs to react to. So what's the take home message? Be smart! Protect your child! Get vaccinated on time!

Pinworms...Oh, my!

Parents often have extreme reactions when they think their child may have pinworms. Pinworms can be spread by touching a surface that is contaminated with microscopic pinworm eggs (where they can live for 2 weeks) and then accidentally putting your fingers in your mouth, or from another person who has pinworms. Pinworms do not come from pets, just from other people. 

Children do not get pinworms because they are dirty; they can get pinworms no matter how often they take a bath. Treatment for pinworms is now only available with over-the-counter medicines. Prescription medications traditionally used to treat pinworms have been taken off the market. If you think your child has pinworms, we recommend using Pyrantel Pamoate and washing bedclothing/sheets to prevent reinfection.

Head Lice...Help!

 Now that the kids are back in school and sharing things, parents are asking us for advice about head lice. This pesty condition has nothing to do with being unclean. Head lice live only on human beings and can spread quickly despite good health habits and regular hair washing. Nits (eggs) attach to the hair shaft, and then hatch into live lice. There are several over the counter preparations that can be used to kill the lice, but it is very important that all nits be removed. This can be very tedious (hence the term "nit picky!") You may want to try LiceMD, RID or Nix. Some patients have had success with Cetaphil which is a gentle cleanser. If you have trouble with persistent lice, or have questions, please call the office during regular hours.

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